Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why Journal

Why do I journal everyday when I could be blogging or tweeting or doing housework? I don't expect anyone to read these volumes of ramblings. Sometimes I ponder, "what if the universe has a melt down and we could no longer access the web." Then all my journals would be one record of this time and place in history. My journals would reveal my daily trials and tribulations living with my spouse of 26 years, inner revelations, changes in the world, and future creative ventures. I write down 3 wishes (small & personal to mythical large), affirmations to move me through health or mental blocks, and my highlight of the previous day. When I have nothing more to write, I note the present moment: birds flitting around, detectable smells, distant airplanes, current weather, etc. Everything changes but if I can record the moment maybe the memory can last. It's a luxury to journal.

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Anonymous said...

I just wrote a story about a woman who uncovered a box of her mother's in the basement after the mom's death, and it was filled with mementos from her first husband who was killed less than a year after the wedding. The writing that you're doing may be such an incredible link to your children and grandchildren. Keep it up! Elbow