Saturday, August 01, 2009

Camping Accessories

I went camping up in the mountains with a bunch of Escalante folks last week and used my friend Ellie's bag she gave me to haul all my camping accouterments. As I unpacked, I noticed what items I ignored and made use of.
The obligatory camera was never picked up; too busy biking, hiking or petting horses. And fortunately, the bug juice was never applied. Either I wore long sleeves and pants or was moving too fast for the bugs to settle on my skin.
I did write 3 pages every morning in my journal I brought along. I recorded my dreams and reflected the life of a fly and my dog.
I read magazines cover to cover and got cozy with my Kindle at night in the tent. Having bear spray next to me was worth its weight in comfort.
Ellie's bag gave my camping experience more options for luxuries and pleasures.