Thursday, July 06, 2006

Real Estate in Escalante

Since moving to Escalante full time, in September 2005, more friends and guests of our La Luz Desert Retreat have asked us about real estate here. When I returned the question of why would you want to live or retire to Escalante I've received different answers: "The golden light- it highlights certain areas." or "I'd buy a slice of land just to breath the clean air" or "Because there are no people here." Whatever the reason people are constantly looking to buy that cheap piece of property.
Quite a few "newbies" have relocated to Escalante in the last few years. They bring their own money and usually don't need a job to survive in Escalante. Yes, the property values are still considerably lower here than in cities or suburbs. The newbies want to "shut the door" and not let others proliferate their big city ideas. The long-time locals don't want any changes. Both parties may get their wishes come true because of the moratorium on water taps, in town and a mile outside of the town's radius (drilling for wells). Yes, there are plenty of good deals for land without water. One must gamble that the city will get more water allocated or a second city well will be drilled in the future. Why would the city council hussle for more water when they truly don't want the town to grow?
There are a few houses in Escalante for sale if you want to raze the dwelling to build your own perfect home. I know of a cute gear store on Main street for sale, which includes a paid-up water tap. You may have to work for a living though. I'm grateful we have found the end of the rainbow in Escalante. We'll share it with you.