Monday, August 09, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

The Monsoons have arrived & I have other newbies asking me (5 year full-time resident), "is this rain normal?" Yes & no. Previously, we bragged about not having to use our swamp-cooler because of summertime thunderstorms. With all the precipitation from cloudbursts this past week-end, we almost used our heater.
I admit I love the drama of thunder, lighting & the clatter of rain pelting down on the roof. Our rain gutters are linked to thick hanging chains directing massive flows of water from our house roofs to our greediest trees. Rain & dirt smells permeate all around us. We wonder which canyons will flash flood. The downpours bend the tall corn stalks in our garden. Lightening shows in the wee hours rival flashy rock concerts of the past.
And then the sun comes out. The corn & trees rise up again. Pools of water sink into the ground. Hummingbirds return to feed from the penstemons. We love the sun rays on our skin, the optimism of another hike & the wishful beauty from the lingering rainbows.