Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beating the Heat in Escalante

Yep, it's hot in Escalante Utah. A couple of days ago, my husband Ricki drove my friend and I up Main Canyon 24 miles and dropped us, with mountain bikes, to find our way back home. The high altitude and the cloud cover made me wonder if I had brought enough clothes. Soon I was sweating by tackling the hill climbs and distracted by antelope running through open meadows. We pedaled and pedaled and finally had lunch at Cyclone Lake and marveled at the sheer coolness in the air. One more climb and it was all downhill, past Posey Lake and into the furnace of Escalante. Five hours later and maybe 30 miles behind us, we reveled in how we beat the heat in Escalante.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bird on Bird

We have at least a pair of Mockingbirds (maybe a juvenile too) that have taken up residence near our home. Their garbled telegram-like messages, or songs, usually start 8 or 9 in the morning and disappear by midday. Unfortunately, other small birds have vacated. No longer sweet melodious songs from Meadowlarks or rhythmic whistles from Say's Phoebes grace us. Instead, the bold and boisterous Mockingbird swoop down with its white patch wings blazing, scaring insects or to commandeer our berries. They are conspicuous until you want to photograph them. As I waited with camera in hand, I noticed the silence.