Saturday, August 05, 2006

Eating Aesthetics

Wilderness is all around us, even outside of Escalante.
I finally noticed an old bumper sticker in town that reads: "Wilderness. Land of the Useless," on a local's old truck. That sticker and attitude has been around a long time. At least it makes me think of why wilderness is important to me.
I could be at the ocean watching the subtle tides ebbing and flowing or wondering if a flash flood could sweep through the canyon I'm hiking in. The sandy washes and beaches don't care if I'm trudging through sand to reach my destination. I'm a thief to the blue herons or turkey vultures by taking their coveted sea food or carrion. Rockslides and earthquakes happen whether I'm present or not.
I'm the useless entity. I don't produce coal. Or wood for my house. The wilderness does not want to consume me.
Solitude and silence soothes my soul. To hear nothing is a treat or a threat to some. What would happen if you can only hear your thoughts? Maybe the voice of a bird will bring you to the moment and not to your destination or memories. Imagine waking up in the morning to the sun versus the alarm clock. See no man-made structures or signs for a day and get a glimpse of your spirit conversing with wilderness. It may be useful.

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