Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I'm confronting my fear of hunger. This is my 3rd day of my 10 day juice fast. I'm hungry. I have to leave the room when my husband eats. The smells of the cooking food drives my stomach juices crazy. I leave and take a walk. The critters I see are wanting for food too. The ruthless turkey vulture flying over head wants to eat the fly encrusted dead rabbit on the side of the road. My dog wants the foul smelling meat too (didn't I just feed her?). Is that lizard scurrying by ever have its appetite satisfied? I've never come across a wild obese creature. I tell my self to ignore the ravenousness emptiness and get nourishment from other elements. The sun warms my body. Ever changing cloud formations distract my cravings for food. Sage scents engulfs my senses. I hope this odor will fill my belly.
Being a Hedonist I love to eat well. My fear of moving to a small rural town was the inaccessibility to good varied food. Our local grocery store has the basics and will try and get organics whenever available. We have a few restaurants, one that even serves alcohol with meals. I've learned to make my own gourmet meals. The fresh farm eggs are a treat and now our garden is full of organic veggies. I belong to a food co-op. I appreciate the abundance of food here in Escalante.

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