Thursday, June 15, 2006

Roc Against Rock

The Starship Enterprise floated overhead as I jogged home on the dusty road. Home, where I'll be forever young. I saw no one on the ATV made roads through the pinion and Juniper trees. I was grateful for the small water bottle I carried in my hands and the sweet breezes that licked my sweaty body.
Just returned from the big city of Lost Wages. Las Vegas has become an extension to Southern California. Cars, people talking on cell phones, track houses, strip malls, and I was ready to go home before I arrived.
My trail runs are even more precious after being around cement and hordes of cars and people. Rocquette, my Jack Russell Terrier, is a good dog while running on a leash. Otherwise, she'd be chowing down on carrion, dead meat full of who-knows-what. I change my routes to break up the routine. One favorite route is around Rattlesnake Butte which has short and steep ups and downs and takes only fifty minutes from my house. I roll up my shorts to get those white thighs a chance to tan like my calves. Even though most of thoughts are of the recent past and near future, I catch myself in the moment. A bird song will bring me to the now or a breeze graces my senses.
The weather has been warm with light breezes to gusts of wind churning small spindly dart grass ends in circles. Weather is big topic of conversation in Escalante. When will it rain again?

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