Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just start writing. I pulled the "Student" in from my Caroline Myss archetype cards. I'm always learning something new. My "Pioneer" intimate archetype and the student will be friends today. My husband (he's not an archetype) and I are planning to drive up Main Canyon to scope out a mountain bike loop. I'll bring my bike and at least ride down-hill home.
Main Canyon leads up over Barney Top through Dixie National Forest to Bryce Canyon. We won't go to Bryce today but will cut over on 4-wheel drive roads and to our potential bike rides.
The sky is somewhat overcast; the sun is burning to get out. The air is still sweet from the cleansing guts last night. We had a spectacular sunset, albeit without much colors. The grey clouds continually transformed into galactic messages with their mother ships and alien shapes.
More on what we discover on our outing and tonight's sunset.

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