Sunday, November 28, 2010

Slots of Fun

Ever want to keep a secret to yourself? Part of you wants to share this clandestine canyon with friends, giving them the gift of experiencing a pristine, spectacular hike through narrow & slot canyons, with an arch to boot. Another part of me is warning to keep quiet, let this one canyon remain unspoiled by humans & cows.

I'll compromise by giving clues as to the location: We bush-whacked through throngs of Tamarisks. Its off Hole-in-the-Rock road. Red rock is not always lonely.
You may not find what I'm calling "Anvil & Arch" canyon but you may find your own secretive canyon hike. After all, there are millions of acres of wilderness to explore here in Escalante, Utah.

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Sarah Edmunds said...

What a sweet place! I will have to check it out!